HTC Nexus 9 tablet is confirmed and is reportedly coming soon

There have been quite a few rumors around the Nexus 9 tablet, including Nvidia’s revelations earlier this month during the lawsuit against Samsung and Qualcomm. Today, the Wall Street Journal has confirmed that Google has indee...

Microsoft Xbox One to launch on Amazon India tonight, here’s what you should know

Microsoft is finally ready to launch the Xbox One in India at midnight tonight. Xbox One will be exclusively available to order on Amazon India and won’t be available at any brick and mortar stores.


Have a look at these fan made awesome slo-mo videos captured on iPhone 6

iPhone 6 as we all know is available in many countries and users have already started putting all the new features to test. The one that has particularly won the hearts of many is the creative slow motion feature at 240 frames ...


Oculus announces next gen VR headset prototype: Crescent Bay

Oculus VR announced its latest prototype headset, which the company claims to be very similar to how its consumer version will look. Company CEO Brendan Iribe unveiled “Crescent Bay” at the Oculus Connect Developers...


Samsung Galaxy Mega 2, the mega smartphone is now officially announced

Samsung has listed the Galaxy Mega 2 on the it’s Thailand website, and has gone on sale in a couple of Asian countries.

Microsoft offers 30GB free OneDrive storage to iPhone users

Apple released iOS 8 update earlier this week. The new operating system not only brings with it a slew of features, and improvements, but and also a demand for above 5GB of storage space on your iPhone and iPad to initiate the ...


Apple is finally winning Android users towards the new iPhones

We all know that Apple is too late to join the party when it comes to releasing a phone with a display larger than 5 inches, but apparently not too late to generate interest among Android users.

These are the incredible concept for Apple Watch by Fashion designers

Apple Watch is at least a few months away from the release, but everyone has sounded off with their opinions on Apple’s first wearable. Whether its watchmakers or the general public, there seems to have been a wide range of rea...


iPhone 6 security and privacy can still be breached by Police

Apple is focusing hard on ensuring customers that their personal data stored on iOS and OS X devices is safer and more private than ever, but that doesn’t mean law enforcement and spy agencies won’t be able to access iOS 8 devi...


Here are 15 iOS 8 apps Apple thinks you should try

Whether you’ve bought you a new iPhone 6 or have installed iOS 8 on your old iPhone, Apple has listed some apps on its App Store that it thinks you should try to take advantage of some key features such as support for third-par...


Apple Pay is considered to be Apple’s smartest marketing trick for selling even more units

Apple will sell an impressive number of handsets during its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch weekend, including the already announced 4 million-plus preorders placed in just one day, but the company may have a secret marketing...

Samsung execs determined to do better on iPhone 6 launch day

What comes into your mind for Samsung executives on iPhone 6 launch day? It has nothing to do with whether Samsung is the personification of evil and darkness, and you’re wrong Apple fanboys.


With iPhone 6, Apple’s coolness factor is fading up

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are poised to be the biggest launches in the history of the company. Thousands of fans lined up for days in anticipation of the release while others got up at 3 a.m. last week to preorder online b...

Upgrade from iPhone 3G (iOS 4) to iPhone 6 (iOS 8) should be definitely called ‘Mother of all upgrades’

Tim Cook was being genuine when he told The Wall Street Journal that the iPhone 6 models will trigger the “mother of all upgrades,” as one MacRumors forum poster just revealed. Forum member Kalsta upgraded from the iPhone 3G al...


Apple needs to further modify iPhone design for the next improved iPhone

Despite the massive hype surrounding the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, no product is perfect and there’s always room for improvement in one way or another. Ben Bajarin has found something for Apple’s hardware engineers to thi...


Here’s how you can transfer data from your old iPhone to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus

Whether you just got yourself an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, but after waiting in a tremendously long line, now you’re finally ready to start using it as your next phone. But you also want to make sure that all your data from yo...


Photographer takes new iPhones to Iceland to test their camera and the results are really amazing

Many iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus reviews have already been published, taking in-depth looks at the two new Apple smartphones, including their cameras, which are supposed to better than anything Apple has ever done before when it...

Samsung Galaxy A5 photos and specs leaked online

There were rumors that Samsung would be launching an ‘A series’ of smartphones that would all boast metallic materials. Now, SamMobile has leaked the photos and specifications of the first device in this series called Galaxy A5.


Apple officially brings iCloud Drive to PCs before Macs

Apple on Wednesday released iOS 8, its latest major mobile operating system update, but some of the main features in it will only become operational – or fully operational – later in October, following an important update. One ...

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 might launch in India in the first week of October

Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which was announced earlier this month at the IFA trade show will reportedly go on sale in India by the first week of October.


HTC might announce Nexus 9 at its October 16th event

Google might reportedly introduce new members of the Nexus family in October and speculations are rife that HTC would debut the Nexus 9 tablet on October 16.


OnePlus One preorder system expected to begin in late October

After introducing an invite system to control demand and then subsequently botching several giveaways, it looks like OnePlus is finally going to make the OnePlus One available to everyone.


iOS 8 adoptation rate lags iOS 7’s adoptation rate

Apple released iOS 8 on Wednesday but so far comparatively few people have downloaded it and installed it compared with last year’s big launch of iOS 7. 9to5Mac points us to new data from mobile marketing firm Fiksu showing tha...

Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 users can expect Android L update late this year

Android L debuted over the summer to an overwhelmingly positive response, but as Google has been very deliberate about actually bringing the new OS to Android phones, many Android users have simply moved on with their lives. Th...

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