Google Robot enacting Karate Kid

The Karate Kid stunt – Daniel or Ian, Who does it better?

It was only a little ago when Google was on a splurge and was buying robotics firms. Thereafter, it wasn’t much talked about.But recently a video rolled out swanking a robot built by the Boston Dynamics. The video portray...
Android 5 Lollipop

Lollipop turns out to be biggest Android update yet

Image source : Google   A huge crowd feels that Material Design is the only new that came with Android Lollipop but there’s something much more. All you need to do is to check out massive changelog for the new Androi...


Humble Bundle and Mozilla team up to offer users with browser based games

We all are familiar with the extremely addictive experience of browser-based games, thanks to Google‘s Doodles (Pac-Man, is the first one that comes to mind). 


HTC ReCamera a Go-Pro like camera teased, to launch on October 8th

We earlier reported that HTC is gearing up to launch a GoPro rival that could withstand extreme conditions. HTC has now teased this forthcoming camera, which could be called ReCamera. Furthermore, a Reddit user has managed to s...


Microsoft will no longer provide Windows 7 to third-party manufacturers starting October 31st

As PC users are anxiously waiting for the release of Windows 9, many are beginning to worry about the latest impending deadline for Windows 7. On the Windows lifecycle fact sheet, Microsoft notes that it will no longer provide ...

Eric Schmidt: Everyone should love brutal competition between Apple and Google

Google chairman Eric Schmidt tells Bloomberg TV’s Erik Schatzker and Stephanie Ruhle that the “brutal” competition we’re seeing right now is absolutely great for smartphone owners.


Samsung fastens up Galaxy Note 4 launch after brutal attack from Apple

The Galaxy Note 4 phablet is indeed coming earlier than expected, following the surprising (for Samsung) iPhone 6 sales success, but the company has only officially pushed up the device’s launch in its home country, according t...

iPhone 6 has to pass through the bend test after iPhone 6 Plus fails in one of them

The iPhone 6 Plus did change its shape under pressure and many users became concerned about the durability of their brand new devices. Once Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy released a video of himself bending the iPhone 6 Plu...


iPhone 6 Plus is the ‘gold standard’ for smartphone cameras

The experts are out to find if the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6 both deliver when it comes to picture quality. Per CNET, the widely respected experts at DxO Labs have run extensive tests on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cameras and...

Source: Engadget

Motorola Moto X goes on sale on Flipkart India, now available to buy

Earlier today, Motorola finally launched its second-generation Moto X in India with prices starting at Rs 31,999. The company announced that the sale would commence at midnight, and as promised, you can now buy Motorola’s flags...


Here’s how to fix your iPhone after the iOS 8.0.1 breaks it

Earlier today, Apple just released a new software update for its mobile device lineup. If you install it on your iPhone, it will break your it. That’s right, Apple’s meticulous quality control team allowed iOS 8.0.1 to be relea...

iOS 8.0.1 has been released and Hundreds of users are already reporting serious bugs

Well that was fast… Apple just released iOS 8 to the public last week and on Wednesday, just one week since the new software’s initial release, Apple has issued its first update. iOS 8.0.1 is available immediately on all compat...


Download now $57 worth of iPhone, iPad Apps for free that are free for limited time

It’s been a long since we shared with you free apps. Also, Now that well over 10 million people own Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones, it’s time to start filling them with great new apps. It’s easy to spe...

BlackBerry Blend lets users remotely access their smartphone data from other devices

Blackberry announces BlackBerry Blend, an app that lets users to access their BlackBerry smartphone’s data from other devices — tablets as well as computers.


Watch iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 3 face the ultimate blend test

I don’t know why do they do this. But they do! Blendtec just took an iPhone 6 Plus and a 2013 Galaxy Note 3 to simultaneously test them in its regular blend test.


Blackberry reveals its square smartphone: BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry has officially took the wraps off its latest flagship device — the BlackBerry Passport.


Motorola Moto X vs the competition: specs showdown

The all-new Moto X was launched in India earlier today and will retail exclusively on Flipkart from midnight and also comes with leather and wooden back variants that cost Rs 33,999. The new Moto X is bigger than the previous g...

Motorola Moto X launched in India for Rs 31,999

Moto X was unveiled in India earlier this month, but Motorola didn’t reveal the price saying it would be announced on the day of launch. Today, the company has launched the flagship device in India with prices starting at Rs 31...


iPhone 6 disappoints with its battery life in yet another test

You probably shouldn’t get the iPhone 6, if battery life is the single most important thing you’re looking for in a smartphone. Though you might want to give the iPhone 6 Plus a try.

This is the only iPhone 6 and 6 Plus camera review you should see

The all new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have one major difference that is instantly obvious from the moment you first see them: the size. Of course, the new iPhone 6 is indeed larger than any iPhone that has come before it, but ...


iOS 8 review: App crashes more often on iOS 8 than iOS 7

Apple’s new mobile software ‘iOS 8′ is far more prone to crashes than the previous release, iOS 7.1. According to a study from Crittercism, which says it analyzes data from more than 1 billion monthly active mobile ...


Here’s how you can fix iOS 8’s Wi-Fi problems on your iPhone or iPad

We earlier reported about the Apple support thread detailing Wi-Fi issues following the iOS 8 update that is already getting many views and replies, as plenty of iPhone and iPad users apparently experience various Wi-Fi connect...


Apple is back with new hilarious Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake iPhone 6 ads

Apple announced its first iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus TV commercials during its announcement event, revealing at the time it has hired Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake to do voice overs for the funny ads. The company is now ba...

iOS 8 Wi-Fi and battery drain issues complaints rises few days after the launch

Apple’s recently rolled out iOS 8 update is causing issues for some device users, including Wi-Fi problems and faster battery drain, as CNET reports. This isn’t the first time a new iOS update has caused such problems, especial...

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